When it comes to battling addiction, getting the best treatment is the best defense against the challenges. The best defense is evidence-based addiction treatment designed to support your mental and emotional health through rehabilitation. 

Individuals struggling with addiction should seek evidence-based addiction treatment through a comprehensive addiction treatment center like Starbridge Recovery. At Starbridge, we believe in using the best and most effective treatments to help people battle addiction. Through individualized treatment plans, our clients can take back their lives. Contact us today to see how our residential, dual-diagnosis treatment center and medically monitored detoxification can support you or your loved one.

What is addiction treatment?

Addiction treatment includes the mental and physical treatment of individuals struggling with a substance use disorder. Individuals diagnosed with mental health disorders, like substance use disorder, require structured treatment to help them stop drug use.

Addiction treatment focuses on healing the mental, emotional, and physical scars related to substance abuse. Individuals who develop an addiction have put themselves at greater risk for mental health disorders, traumatic events, physical ailments, and emotional instability. Addiction treatment attempts to support individuals through therapy and teachings. 

Based on an individual’s severity of addiction, they may attend addiction treatment in a variety of ways. It can be in a restrictive environment like inpatient residential care or in an outpatient program where individuals live at home and attend treatment at a community center. Individuals diagnosed with a substance use disorder may also access addiction treatment online through a program that meets their specific addiction treatment needs.

The most important thing to remember about addiction treatment is to find a safe and supportive environment that meets your needs through evidence-based best practices.

What is evidence-based treatment for addiction?

Evidence-based addiction treatment is tested, evaluated, and monitored to ensure that it truly does support individuals who wish to reduce or stop their drinking entirely. Individuals who enter addiction treatment often experience several types of evidence-based therapy either consecutively or concurrently in order to work on developing the skills and strategies necessary for living a sober lifestyle. Most commonly individuals will experience CBT, DBT, and Contingency Management.

CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. CBT focuses on altering misconceptions and misguided beliefs to alter and change behaviors related to drug use. Individuals addicted to drugs often feel that the drug is the only thing that can make them happy or feel better. CBT challenges that theory by guiding thinking in alternative paths.

DBT is Dialectal Behavioral Therapy. While DBT maintains many of the principles of CBT, its main focus is on changing the language and how individuals perceive the here and now. DBT is acceptance-oriented and focuses on mindfulness and being present.

Finally, Contingency Management is a strategy that is often implemented. Contingency management (CM) focuses on providing incentives to stay drug-free and rewarding positive behavior to change the positive response to the drug, to a positive response in staying sober. CM can be maintained with vouchers, prizes, or special rewards.

Starbridge Recovery

At Starbridge Recovery, we help our clients bridge the path to recovery because we believe they and everyone struggling with addiction is worth it. 

We understand the differences and challenges that addiction and mental health can cause. We challenge those structures and provide comprehensive mental health care and treatment for individuals suffering from substance use disorders and concurrent mental health disorders that have presented during or as a result of addiction or were the instigating cause for addiction. 
Contact us today to see how we can help you recover your life with Starbridge Recovery.

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