Whether you struggled with a mental health disorder like bipolar or schizophrenia and used substances to mitigate those symptoms and became addicted, or your substance use brought a severe mental health disorder to the forefront, you require dual-diagnosis addiction and rehabilitative treatment.

Through Starbridge Recovery, we work with all individuals to improve their mental health in relation to substance abuse and other impacting mental health disorders. At Starbridge Recovery, we have a comprehensive treatment program that includes detoxification and treatment for individuals who are struggling with substance use disorders and a number of other co-occurring disorders. Contact us today to see how our addiction treatment program can help you today.

What is dual-diagnosis treatment?

Dual-diagnosis treatment is the combination of mental health treatment to address separate but co-occurring mental health or substance use disorders. In terms of rehabilitation, it is referring to a substance use disorder and a comorbid mental health disorder. 

While initially it was thought best to separate the treatment, many doctors and clinicians saw relapses or poor mental health resulting from this style of treatment. With combined dual-diagnosis treatment, clients are able to get supportive mental health care designed to support both disorders and provide long-lasting support.

Dual-diagnosis treatment in rehabilitation combines top rehabilitative treatment with treatment for a co-occurring mental health diagnosis. This process usually occurs in an inpatient facility and can continue through structured aftercare treatment with a therapist and outpatient program. 

Additionally, because individuals are learning to safely and healthily deal with two mental health disorders at the same time, treatment is often longer and more intensive than individuals who are going through treatment for a single disorder.

Who can benefit from dual-diagnosis treatment?

Dual-diagnosis treatment benefits individuals who are struggling with a comorbid mental health disorder. While substance abuse may be a side-effect of the additional mental health disorder or the other way around, both require therapeutic treatment to ensure a safe and healthy recovery.

Many addiction treatment centers that serve dual-diagnosis clients focus their treatments on specific comorbid disorders. Most rehabilitation centers can treat situational disorders like anxiety and depression, which are more common and can produce severe symptoms during and immediately following withdrawal.

Individuals seeking dual-diagnosis treatment for more severe mental health disorders like bipolar disorder, severe mood disorders, personality disorders, and trauma and PTSD should look for a treatment center that specializes in these comorbidities. Dual-diagnosis treatment is especially crucial for individuals with these more severe mental health disorders as their symptoms can lead to recurring relapse and instability.

If you feel like you are struggling with substance abuse, contact Starbridge Recovery today. Our complement of treatment options allows for individuals with multiple mental health disorders to find success with addiction treatment. 

Finding Dual-Diagnosis Rehab Near Me

There are several essential things to consider when looking for a dual-diagnosis rehab near you. A dual-diagnosis rehab center should have several specific amenities to ensure the health and wellness of its clients. This includes treatment techniques and medical therapies. 

Dual-diagnosis rehabs should offer and promote multiple therapeutic styles to support clients with additional mental conditions. There are multiple therapeutic styles that can be combined and used in coordination with substance abuse treatment. Specific treatments like EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) have found specific use amongst clinicians as a treatment for PTSD and trauma, should be at the forefront of options for those seeking comorbid treatment.

Lastly, individuals with comorbid substance use disorders must seek help from medical professions to manage their medication. A dual-diagnosis treatment center should offer medical support when it comes to managing medication for additional conditions. Because this is such a challenging topic, individuals must seek a program that is designed to teach individuals to manage their medications. 

Starbridge Recovery

Through Starbridge Recovery, we help people bridge the recovery gap with our authentic and interactive therapeutic programming. Our treatments are designed to support individuals with multiple mental health concerns and dual-diagnosis disorders. Our clients work with clinicians and therapists to create individualized treatment plans that are designed to treat both substance use and an additional mental health disorder.

Contact Starbridge Recovery today to see how our individualized dual-diagnosis treatment programs can support your rehabilitation.

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