There is a definite difference when determining the difference between generalized addiction rehab and upscale addiction rehab. The differences can range from the number of clients to the available therapy and treatment styles. While these differences might not seem like much on the surface, they can make the difference between sobriety and relapse.

Starbridge Recovery is an upscale treatment facility designed to support clients through addiction treatment and rehabilitation. Our medical professionals work one on one with clients to develop addiction treatment programs that work to support their personal needs. Our clients receive luxury care in a luxury facility. 

What does upscale drug and alcohol rehab mean? 

An upscale facility is going to offer more luxury items and different benefits from a general treatment facility. 

Generalized treatment facility clients will receive adequate addiction treatment care. In contrast, an upscale treatment center will offer personalized, high-quality treatment programs that meet the exact needs of each client in the facility. Upscale rehab centers can offer specialized therapeutic treatments for additional mental health disorders and can provide personalized one-on-one care with specific professional staff. A generalized treatment facility will cater to more clients with generalized treatment programs, clients will have less frequent individual therapy, and client care may be shared between multiple staff members.

What are the benefits of upscale rehab?

In an upscale rehab, there will be several significant differences between their facility and a generalized treatment center. Upscale treatment centers will have a noticeable difference in the number of clients, available treatments, accommodations, and available aftercare support. These differences account for a more personalized and comprehensive addiction treatment process. 

One of the first differences between an upscale alcohol and drug rehab center and a generalized addiction treatment facility is the number of clients. In a standard treatment center, they can treat a large number of people with a generalized addiction treatment program. However, there will be fewer clients in an upscale rehab center, which leads to a higher degree of personalized and individualized treatment. With fewer clients, therapists and counselors can more frequently work one-on-one with clients and help them address their individual concerns. This can lead to higher sobriety success rates.

The second major difference between upscale and generalized addiction treatment is the availability of different treatment styles. While generalized treatment will provide evidence-based addiction treatment designed to support clients in altering their behavior in thinking, an upscale rehab will be able to provide more diverse options. Through upscale addiction treatment, clients receive individualized treatment programs that can combine therapy to improve their mental health and address addiction. It could also include therapies like yoga and meditation to improve physical and emotional health. Upscale rehab treatment can provide a more holistic approach to rehabilitation.

A pretty noticeable difference between upscale rehab and generalized treatment is the available accommodations. Clients will have access to more modern and luxurious accommodations in an upscale rehab. They might have private or semi-private rooms and bathrooms, greater availability of outdoor activities, like pools and recreation areas, and the settings and furnishings will be more modern. Upscale rehabs often come with a higher price tag based on the level of luxury.

The final benefit of an upscale rehab center versus a generalized treatment is the availability of aftercare. Generalized treatment facilities can refer you to continued aftercare programs through local resources. Upscale treatment facilities most often have their own continued aftercare programs available to clients who have graduated from their program. They can also refer you to local resources if you have traveled out of state. Upscale facilities do more to ensure your continued recovery after completing the program than generalized treatment facilities have the resources to offer.

How to Find Upscale Rehab in Studio City

Upscale rehab never looked as good as it does with Starbridge recovery. Our luxury facilities offer the best addiction treatment programs designed to meet our clients’ needs. Our clients can access treatment through multiple therapy styles in an intimate and safe setting with individualized programming.

Through Starbridge Recovery, we help our clients bridge the gaps in their recovery with structured and supportive evidence-based and alternative therapies.
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