It is essential to know the signs of opioid abuse because of its prevalence. Unfortunately, individuals struggling with opioid and opiate abuse often go undetected until it’s too late. It can be extremely challenging to overcome when an individual becomes addicted to opioids. 

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What Drugs are Opioids?

Many drugs fall under the classification of opioids or opiates. These drugs can be prescription medications, as well as illicit street-made drugs. A majority of illegal opioid use stems from prescription opioid misuse. 

Prescription opioids include morphine, codeine, hydrocodone, and other drugs in that same family.

Illicit opioids cover drugs like heroin, opium, and illegally-made fentanyl.

How do Opioids Impact the Body?

Opioids work to suppress pain in the body by blocking the opioid pain receptors. This is an excellent thing for people in pain, but it can be detrimental for individuals who are using opioids recreationally to get high. The block of the opioid receptors can cause excessive dopamine output that creates a very calming high. This is the effect that most people look for when taking opiates and opioids illicitly. However, people don’t know the other damage it can cause to the body.

Individuals who use opioids can expect to suppress the functions in the body and depression of their organs. One frequent sign of opioid use includes the slowing down of the digestive system. This consists of a slow down of the metabolism and how food processes through the body. Two symptoms of opioid abuse include weight gain and constipation.

When opioids slow down the system, they can also slow down the lungs and brain. This is a hazardous situation that can lead to overdose fatality. The depression of the lungs can slow or stop respiration. A decrease in blood flow to the brain can cause a person to feel extreme exhaustion and even nod in and out of consciousness. 

Opioids can also impact an individual’s mental health. A depression of the body’s system can also instigate depression in the brain. Opiates can also increase anxiety, bipolar disorder, and mood and personality disorders.

What are the Signs of Opioid Abuse?

Common signs of opioid abuse vary between individuals addicted to prescription opioids and those addicted to illicit opioids. 

Individuals addicted to prescription opioids commonly display several symptoms related to hospitals and doctors. These individuals might doctor shop, exaggerate physical pain, and travel between hospitals or doctors’ offices to find a new physician to prescribe them medication. Opioid abuse occurs when individuals misuse their prescription, develop a tolerance, and become addicted to opioid use.

Misuse of prescription drugs can occur when an individual uses too much or too frequently. It can also happen when a person takes the drug in a state that it is not meant to be used. For example, when a person crushes a pill and snorts it instead of swallowing the pill whole. Lastly, prescription misuse can offer when an individual uses more than one drug simultaneously, especially those that have contraindications.

People who use illicit drugs are always in a state of misuse. In that sense, individuals are unable to operate without fear of addiction. In addition, illegal street drugs like heroin, opium, and street-made fentanyl are hazardous for individuals unfamiliar with the dosages or those who mix the drug with another substance. 

How to Find Opioid Treatment Programs

When searching for opioid treatment programs, it is essential to consider what each program can offer you. Most treatments can offer traditional addiction treatment and practical applications for rehabilitation. 

However, at Starbridge Recovery, our luxury treatment program is designed to support clients beginning with detox and continuing through addiction treatment with a heavy focus on individual needs and the best rehabilitative care for those searching for support. 

Clients who need more than just a regular treatment program should look into the offerings at Starbridge Recovery. Our clients have access to some of the best and newest treatment protocols to support individuals with opioid abuse.
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