Prescription pain pills are dangerous for a number of reasons. Misuse cannot only cause addiction, but it can disguise other health problems meant to be handled by the prescription. When this happens, individuals can actually worsen their condition and addiction. 

At Starbridge Recovery our detox and addiction treatment programs are designed to meet each individual client’s needs. Addiction to prescription pain pills is a dangerous and overwhelming feeling. At Starbridge Recovery, we create personalized rehabilitation solutions because you’re worth it.

What Are Prescription Pain Pills?

Prescription pain pills are most often opioids. Opioids are fast-acting and are easily managed. However, the problem comes in when people misuse the prescription. With a misuse, opioids are quickly harmfully addictive. 

Prescription pain pills are prescribed to stop some pain in the body. They are prescribed based on a person’s weight, the length of time they need to use the drug, and to mitigate certain side effects. 

What Are the Signs of Prescription Pain Pill Abuse?

In general, prescription pain pill abuse often starts with prescription misuse. Approximately 6% of all individuals who receive a prescription misuse them. While this doesn’t seem like a high percentage, consider that in 2019, over 153 million opioid prescriptions were filled and this number is a decrease from a 20 year high of 255 million in 2012. This is a prescription for half of all Americans in the United States. 

6% of American’s misuse their prescription in one of a few ways. They misuse their prescription by taking it differently than prescribed, they take someone else’s prescription, or they take the medication to get high. When an individual misuses prescription pain pills they are more likely to become addicted because of their highly addictive nature. 

If you are concerned about your prescription pain pill use, contact us at Starbridge Recovery. We work with individuals to manage their prescription pain pill use and work through addiction and recovery. By providing personalized recovery solutions, we design treatment to meet the needs of our clients because you’re worth it.

Can Prescription Pain Pill Abuse Turn Into Addiction?

Prescription pain pill abuse can turn into addiction very easily. Once an individual misuses drugs, they are more likely to become addicted. Prescription pain pill abuse quickly leads to addiction. For individuals addicted to prescription pain pills, they may experience tolerance, dependence, and withdrawal symptoms. 

Tolerance occurs when individuals need to take more medication than they are prescribed to get the same effect. When this happens, an individual’s body is becoming accustomed to the amount of medication it is receiving and is trying to indicate that it needs more. This is one of the first signs that dependence is occurring.

Depending on a drug occurs when a body needs the drug to continue functioning. A body that becomes dependent on prescription pain pills will go through withdrawal symptoms when not provided with the drug. 

Withdraw symptoms for prescription pain pills vary, but for opioids, they include:

If you are concerned that you are addicted to prescription pain pills, it is important to contact your doctor, a medical professional, or an addiction treatment program, like Starbridge Recovery.

How To Get Help With a Prescription Pain Pill Addiction Today

You are not alone. Prescription pain pill addiction is rampant across the United States and impacts many people. At Starbridge Recovery, we offer high-quality personalized recovery solutions because you’re worth it.

Our prescription pain pill addiction treatment programs utilize the best evidence-based and holistic healing methods for sustainable long-term recovery. Our medical professionals offer individualized counseling and group therapy sessions in combination with alternative therapies like mindfulness and yoga. By combining these therapies with assessment, goal setting, and the development of foundational coping skills, our clients are surrounded by an environment dedicated to their success.

If you think that Starbridge Recovery might be able to help you realize your potential. Contact us today. 

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