Luxury detox programs are designed to support clients through the withdrawal process in the most supportive ways, using medication, environment, and therapeutic support to make the transition easier. 

At Starbridge Recovery, we are happy to support our clients through each step of the recovery process by offering a luxury facility designed with our client’s needs in mind. 

Contact our facility today to see how our luxury detox and environment can support your positive mental and physical health. 

What is a Detox Program?

A detox program is a supportive part of addiction treatment. This initial step will support clients through the initial days of rehabilitation. While a client undergoes a detox program, they will experience withdrawal. Withdrawal from the drug or drugs they were using can significantly affect the length, severity, and symptoms. 

A detox program can last anywhere from five days to two weeks. During detox, individuals will be monitored to provide both physical and health-related support and emotional support through this process. Clients often struggle through multiple aspects of withdrawal and detox, and having designated support throughout the process can alleviate some of the minor symptoms and remind clients of what they are working for.

When is Detox Needed?

Detox is needed whenever someone is attempting to make a change to their lifestyle. In this instance, detox is specifically needed when someone is trying to get clean from using legal or illegal substances that are impacting their brain and body due to addiction. In these instances, clients must not only stop taking the drug, but not use it again when the body begins to crave it. Detox is necessary for individuals who have transitioned from problematic use to addiction, those who are looking to enter a treatment program, and those who have experienced a lapse or relapse during or following treatment.

Individuals who are addicted to a substance must first detox from that substance to end-use. While this might seem like a simplistic explanation, the action is anything but. One of the most challenging symptoms of withdrawal that doesn’t end at the two-week mark, are cravings. Individuals will continue to experience cravings for days, weeks, months, and even sometimes years after their last high. 

Detox is also necessary when an individual is ready to start a treatment program. Individuals entering treatments should be sober, and any necessary medication should be turned over to the medical professionals at the facility to ensure proper dosage and support. When an individual attends addiction treatment, one of the goals is to talk about use in the past and focus on the future, which does not include it. In order to do this, clients must be clean when entering an addiction treatment program. 

Lastly, detox is necessary for individuals who have experienced a lapse or relapse after sustained sobriety. Cravings sometimes get the best of people, but detox is available to help clients regain their sobriety through safe, focused, and motivational therapy and support.

What are the Benefits of a Luxury Detox Program?

Luxury detox programs offer an additional aspect to detox that not every detox program can afford to offer. Not only are luxury detox programs often smaller with smaller staff-to-client ratios, but they typically maintain the ability to offer Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) as part of their detox program. MAT are medications available to clients in luxury facilities during detox. This can help clients maintain fluids, reduce the number of negative symptoms, and even increase the speed of the process and get individuals feeling like normal sooner than they would have without the medication.

How to Find a Luxury Detox Center Near Me

Finding a luxury detox center in Los Angeles might be a challenge, but we’ve built our program around providing the best, newest, and most innovative resources for addiction treatment at Starbridge Recovery. Our clients receive the best of luxury detox and addiction treatment programs at our Studio City treatment center.

We have redefined addiction treatment in a luxury setting because we believe that each of our clients are worth the hard work and dedication we have put into our careers. Each client that transitions through our detox and addiction treatment programs will know the level of individualized treatment and care we are dedicated to offering. Contact an admissions coordinator to see how we can help you today.

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