Benzodiazepines, or benzos for short, are some of the most dangerous prescription medications. The withdrawal symptoms from using benzos can be fatal.

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What are benzos?

Benzos are a class of addictive drugs used to treat seizures, anxiety disorders, and panic disorders. They can also be used as secondary treatments for many other disorders that might require a drug to suppress the nervous system. Benzodiazepines actually work to rewire how the body functions. 

Benzos can be taken daily for continued maintenance or on an as-needed basis. Benzo misuse occurs when individuals take the drug incorrectly by taking more than prescribed, more often than recommended, and by crushing the pill instead of taking it whole. Additionally, using someone else’s prescription, even as needed, taking the medication after the prescription has ended, and purchasing benzos illegally are signs of misuse.

Are benzos addictive?

Benzos are a highly addictive substance. Individuals who take the medication regularly either as prescribed or illegally can develop a dependence on the drug, develop tolerance to the effects of the drug, and become addicted. 

Individuals who use benzos to get high may experience respiratory distress, confusion, headache, stomach issues, or twitching.

Individuals occasionally try to mitigate these symptoms with opioid pain relievers, which can be a deadly mistake. Mixing opioids and benzodiazepines have caused as many as a fifth of all opioid overdose deaths nationwide in a given year. This combination causes severe depression of the central nervous system. 

An individual overdosing on benzos and a combination drug will have decreased breath sounds, lose consciousness, and may quickly become unresponsive.

How to Safely Detox from Benzos

To safely detox from benzos, you or your loved one should be monitored by a medical professional. They will recommend how to safely ween you from the drug. Benzo addiction and withdrawal can be especially dangerous because withdrawing medication too quickly or at too high a rate can cause epileptic seizures. This can lead to additional immediate health concerns and long-lasting health problems. 

The benzodiazepine withdrawal process includes reducing the amount and frequency the medication is taken. This process can take several weeks to do completely and safely. An individual going through this detox process may experience:

These physical and cognitive symptoms necessitate inpatient detox and treatment. Treatment centers will have medical staff trained and familiar with benzo withdrawal protocol and be able to support you or your loved one through this process.

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