If you are considering detoxing from opiates like heroin, codeine, or morphine, it is important to consider all of your treatment options. Medically monitored and supported detoxification and a rehabilitation program can help you beat your substance use. 

If you are ready to get started right now, contact Starbridge Recovery. We have a fully monitored and comprehensive opiate detoxification and rehabilitation program in a luxury Los Angeles facility.

What Is Los Angeles Opiate Detox?

Opiate detox is the removal of toxins like heroin, morphine, and codeine from the body. While these are natural opiates, they are not natural for your body. While the damage they cause can be mitigated with time, the initial detoxification process will be a challenge. 

In Los Angeles opiate detox can be medically monitored and supported. That means that during the withdrawal and detox process, you will have a medical professional monitoring your progress. Some opiate detox centers can even medically support your detoxification so that you are less uncomfortable during withdrawal.

Why Should You Detox From Opiates at a Professional Facility?

Opiate detox should always be monitored at a professional facility. Detoxing from opiates can not only be challenging to do from home, but also extremely dangerous.

Opiate withdrawal typically lasts from 4-14 days and can range from mild symptoms from occasional use to severe and even deadly symptoms from long-term chronic use. 

Opiate detox and withdrawal symptoms vary in severity according to the Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale include rapid pulse, GI upset (nausea, vomiting diarrhea), sweating, tremors, restlessness, yawning, dilated pupils, anxiety, irritability, bone or joint aches, chills, runny nose, and tearing. 

Opiate withdrawal also includes severe cravings, and is one of the prime reasons for completing opiate detox in a Los Angeles professional facility.

What Is the Next Step After a Los Angeles Opiate Detox?

After completing medically monitored opiate detox, you have several options. 

The first option is to complete an outpatient opiate addiction treatment program. During this process you will attend 12-step meetings, meet individually with a counselor, and or participate in group therapy. The intensity of this process varies, but it typically lasts about 6 months. With this option, you will be faced with making a choice to stay sober every day as you move about your daily life. This can be especially difficult for newly sober individuals and can lead to relapse. 

The second option, which is highly recommended for opiate addiction, is to attend an inpatient residential opiate addiction treatment program. Through this intensive treatment program, you would reside at a facility for 30-90 days and focus solely on developing the skills necessary to maintain sobriety in the real world. Through inpatient opiate detox in Los Angeles and treatment, you can learn self-management and coping skills while being professionally monitored and treated. While this might seem like the perfect option, you will still be faced with the difficulties of staying sober at home and for some, this challenging change in environment can lead to relapse.

The most important thing to consider in choosing a Los Angeles opiate detox is what kind of program will work best for you. 

Starbridge Recovery has a complete opiate detox and rehabilitation program in the Los Angeles area and can support you through every step of the way.

Reach Out to Starbridge Recovery Today: A Los Angeles Opiate Detox

Starbridge Recovery is a luxury opiate detox center in Los Angeles. Our intimate facility guarantees personalized individual care and the opportunity to relax and recover in a boutique setting. 

At Starbridge Recovery we combine the traditional with the alternative and create holistic mental, physical, and spiritual healing opportunities. In a spa-like setting, with private or semi-private rooms, you will have the opportunity to face your addiction head on with licensed clinical practitioners and compassionate and care support staff. 

Contact Starbridge Recovery today to see how our program can support you through opiate detox in Los Angeles.

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