Clients searching for addiction treatment that focuses on improving their mental, physical, and emotional health should look into holistic addiction treatment.

At Starbridge Recovery, our combination of holistic addiction therapies with traditional treatment prepares clients through total-body wellness. 

Check out our luxury holistic treatment approach today. 

What is Holistic Rehab?

Holistic rehab focuses on taking the essential aspects of addiction treatment and applying those healing techniques to the whole body. Holistic rehab centers help individuals address not only the mental health concerns related to addiction but also physical and emotional components. 

Individuals who choose holistic rehab will attend a partial hospitalization or inpatient treatment program specifically designed to offer multiple treatment options for client needs. Throughout this process, clients can work with a counselor or designated staff member to determine which alternative therapies and traditional rehabilitative therapies are most useful for them.

Holistic rehabilitation shows many benefits for clients because it involves client input through nearly every step of the process. As a result, clients learn to manage not only the mental but also the emotional and physical components of rehabilitation.

What are Examples of Holistic Addiction Treatment?

When it comes to holistic drug treatment, many options span the gap to cover mental health and physical and emotional health. Individuals choosing holistic rehab often look for an experience that most closely meets their growth plan, primarily when it focuses on a change as significant as sobriety.

Some forms of holistic addiction treatment focus on the physical aspects of wellness. Activities like dance and movement therapy, Tai Chi, Yoga, personalized training routines, physical trainers, and leisure and recreational skills all help a person focus not only on their mind but can help heal and strengthen their body. 

Holistic rehabs also often focus on the emotional component of rehabilitation. By helping individuals build emotional health skills like maintaining calm and refocusing their energies, they can utilize these in stressful situations that have previously been triggering. In addition, music therapy, art therapy, and spiritual growth provide opportunities for growth through development courses, one-to-one meetings, and other experiences.

Lastly, building positive social skills is often a critical part of the treatment plan for a client attending holistic rehab. Things like cultural awareness and appreciation and vocational services may be offered to support clients through the process of developing aftercare that helps them. 

What are the Benefits of Holistic Treatment?

The holistic treatment provides several benefits for individuals ready to get sober and learn how to manage their addiction through more ways than just reprogramming their thinking. In addition, holistic rehabilitation and therapy can offer clients gains in physical health, self-image, and overall wellness. 

The physical benefits of holistic treatment can range from learning how to eat healthier to properly caring for your body with regular exercise and nurturing. Physically, clients in holistic rehab also learn to manage long-lasting results from their substance use disorder.

Holistic treatment can also provide some clients with a more positive self-image. They can focus on things that make them happy and create opportunities to improve their self-image through positive interactions, activities, and healthy relationship building.

Studies have also shown that holistic rehabilitation can improve overall wellness, specifically among young people in indigenous populations. In addition, multiple studies have cited research related to the improvement and overall physical health as evidence of effective holistic treatment.

How to Find Holistic Addiction Treatment Programs Near Me

To find holistic addiction treatment programs near Studio City, CA, first search your insurance. Individuals who can find a treatment plan that meets their needs and is in their insurance coverage network will have an overall cheaper rehabilitative stay. 

The second key thing to do is search for the necessary alternative treatment you’re looking for. For example, clients searching for holistic addiction treatment should search for rehabs that feature their top choice of alternative therapy.

Places like Starbridge Recovery offer many mental, physical, and emotional healthcare options. In addition, clients work on total holistic health and overall wellness. 

At Starbridge Recovery, clients can work towards achieving holistic health goals through art therapies, physical movement therapies, and advanced social-skills therapies. 
Contact an admissions coordinator at Starbridge Recovery to access redefined holistic addiction treatment in a luxury rehab in Southern California.

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