Chances are, if you’re looking into going to a drug or alcohol rehab center, you’ve realized they’re pretty expensive. You’ve also probably realized that you get what you pay for with rehabilitation centers. The more expensive, the more luxurious, and the more treatment options available to you. So, you’re probably also wondering if your Cigna insurance will help you pay for rehab. 

The good news is that approved Cigna rehab centers, like Starbridge Recovery do exist. Contact us today to see how we can support your sustainable recovery at our insurance approved Cigna rehab center.

Do Rehabs Accept Insurance?

Most rehab centers accept some forms of insurance, but just like with doctors, all accept different ones and at different percentages, so it is important to call and check with the rehab center and your insurance company to see what coverage is available to you. 

While rehabs may accept insurance, some additions may not be covered by your insurance company, or only for so long. It is important to know these specifications, so you are not surprised by a bill for your stay. By contacting your insurance company specifically or logging into your myCigna account, you can review your policy and find out what specifics are covered.

Additionally, it is important to keep your workplace, or even your union, aware of the addiction challenges you are facing. There are several protections in place for individuals struggling with sobriety. The Family Medical Leave Act provides individuals with 12 weeks of unpaid leave per 12 months. This can be utilized at the discretion of your doctor, to support rehabilitation without retaliation or job loss. Additionally, the Americans with Disabilities Act prevents employers from letting individuals with previous drug use go. However, it does not prevent them from drug testing or firing persons for illegal drug use causing undue hardships at work.

What Is Cigna’s Rehab Insurance Policy Like?

While each Cigna insurance policy is different based on state or employer provisions, Cigna does have a Cigna Rehab Provider Network full of addiction treatment centers, professionals, and a care team that will help you determine just what is covered by your insurance policy.

To contact Cigna’s care team about their Cigna Rehab Provider Network, you will need to call  1 (800) 997-1654 or log in to myCigna to determine who is covered by your policy. 

Can I Use Cigna to Pay For rehab?

Yes, you can use Cigna to pay for approved rehab programs, like the one through Starbridge Recovery. Depending on your policy, you can receive coverage for certain residential or outpatient addiction treatment centers and work towards your sobriety.

Is Starbridge Recovery Right for Me?

Starbridge Recovery works with Cigna insurance policy holders to develop a treatment program that works for them and fits within the constraints of the insurance policy.

Our Studio City treatment center focuses on holistic healing in a safe, luxurious environment. Through customized treatment plans utilizing evidence-based treatments, our clients can focus on recovery through education and experiences.

Our dedication to providing affordable, quality treatment to all clients includes providing them the necessary skills to utilize on the path to lasting recovery. By attending to all their mental health needs, both substance use disorders and any additional mental illnesses they may be struggling with, our medical professionals work to treat the root causes of addiction so that our clients can live the successful sober life of their choosing.
Contact us today at Starbridge Recovery to see if our treatment center is the correct fit for your recovery. Our supportive and friendly staff are happy to work with you to decipher your insurance policy to see what is covered.

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