Yes, there are addiction treatment centers that also treat bipolar disorder. A treatment facility that is designed to support co-morbid disorders is ideal for this situation. When an individual struggles with a dual diagnosis, it is crucial for individuals to receive treatment that is comprehensive and tailored to both disorders.

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What is bipolar?

Bipolar disorder is defined as “a mental disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, concentration, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks” by the National Institute of Mental Health. It can be categorized into three different types of disorders based on the severity and length of both the depressive and manic episodes. 

Bipolar disorder can cause emotions related to euphoria and depression. A person experiencing a manic episode may energetic, high, or anxious. They may also have a decreased need for sleep, a loss of appetite, accelerated speech and thoughts, and how impaired judgment. A person in a manic episode will also likely be unable to focus on one thing for an extended period, and engage in reckless activity more, such as unsafe sex and drug use.

The opposite of this can also occur with bipolar depression. A person may be fatigued, sad, or hopeless during a depressive episode. They are likely to experience troubles related to sleep, either difficulty staying asleep or sleeping too much. An increased appetite and drastic weight gain are common during depressive episodes. Depressive episodes may cause someone to feel like they have nothing to say, forget a lot, have trouble concentrating, feel unable to do even simple things, and have little interest in almost all activities. Extreme depressive episodes may also cause suicidal thoughts or actions.

When an individual feels these extreme changes, they might begin substance abuse as an attempt to self-medicate.

Are bipolar and addiction connected?

Individuals that experience these extreme fluctuations in emotions, especially when they are untreated and unmedicated, may turn to substances to help manage the changes in feelings. According to multiple studies connecting bipolar and alcoholism, somewhere between 40% and 50% of individuals with bipolar depression also have an alcohol use disorder

Knowing When it’s Time to Look into Bipolar and Addiction Treatment Centers

Individuals with bipolar disorder who fear they may be struggling with addiction should look for an addiction treatment center that focuses on treating dual diagnosis disorders. By treating your comorbid disorders at the same time, you can experience a greater chance of recovery and sustainable long-lasting sobriety. When treatment is given at the same time, individuals can better learn to manage both, unlike when an individual only seeks treatment for one of the disorders.

Individuals struggling with an alcohol problem who have also noticed extreme fluctuations in emotions may also find it beneficial to go to a treatment center that offers dual diagnosis treatment. If you feel that there may be something else going on, you may be able to receive an additional diagnosis or receive treatment that can help you manage these additional emotions.

Starbridge Recovery

At Starbridge Recovery, our treatment facility is designed to support individuals through dual diagnosis treatment. We work with individuals to support their recovery from addiction and to teach the necessary coping, self-management, and relapse prevention skills necessary. Our thorough treatments are designed to address additional mental health concerns as well. Individuals with anxiety, bipolar, depression, mood disorders, panic disorders, personality disorders, and PTSD/trauma. Our expert care is focused on designing and building your bridge to recovery. 

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