According to the National Institute of Mental Health, mental illness impacts over 51.5 million people in the United States – That’s 1 in 5 adults or just over 20% of the adult American population.

Women are more likely to be impacted with a mental illness than men, and young adults aged 18-25 have a 30% likelihood of having any mental illness. Additionally, those of 2 or more races are nearly 10% more likely to have a mental illness. 

Of the 20% of people that have a mental illness, over 5% of those people have a serious mental illness indicated by an inability to function in everyday life. 

In California, the number is 1 in 6 for a mental illness, and 1 in 24 for a serious mental illness that impacts their ability to function in daily life. Over 60% of those individuals with a serious mental illness never seek treatment.

In Los Angeles mental health rates are 1 in 24. 4.3% of adults and 7.8% of children have a serious mental illness. LA County has the lowest suicide rate in the state 7.7/100,000 due, in part, to the LA County Department of Mental Health. The largest mental health department in the country, LA County works with over 80 programs and contracts with over 700 providers. 

Are Los Angeles Mental Health and Addiction Related?

8% of Californians have a substance use disorder, and 3.9% of those people also have a serious mental illness. When seeking treatment, it is important to consider both the addiction and mental illness.

Originally thought to be best treated individually, medical professionals found that many mental illnesses increased the likelihood of addictive behaviors and self-medication, while substance abuse could cause an onset of serious mental illness symptoms. Their radical idea was to treat the comorbid occurrence through a new treatment program.

Dual diagnosis treatment is the process through which clinicians see both the addiction and the mental illness as equally co-occurring and causing difficulty in the life of the client. Through this type of therapy program, the root causes of addiction and mental illness can be examined, and true healing can occur. 

Serious mental illnesses that have high comorbidity with substance use disorders include, ADHD, anxiety, bipolar, depression, mood disorders, personality disorders, and schizophrenia. 

Approximately 50% of addiction treatment centers also treat mental health in Los Angeles, California. LA County’s department of mental health has over 250 inpatient hospital beds for patients with mental health concerns. 

But a clinical hospital setting might not be the best for you. 

 How to Treat Mental Health and Addiction at the Same Time

Starbridge Recovery is a leading dual diagnosis treatment facility in the Los Angeles area. With all the support and experience of a hospital, our highly trained staff is equipped to support your dual diagnosis treatment in our luxury facility.

At Starbridge Recovery, our exclusive boutique treatment center, caters to the needs of our clients. Through evidence-based traditional therapies and unique alternative therapies, our individualized treatment programs are created to support our clients through the rehabilitation process and mental health management. 

Our goal is for each client to learn the skills necessary for developing positive mental health strategies to deal with the outside world after the completion of our program. Through detox, behavioral therapy, and group and individual therapy, our clients are able to identify triggers and develop an exit strategy for stressful situations.

Our premier facility offers high-end amenities and alternative therapies to increase relaxation and allow the client to solely focus on rehabilitation. Our spacious rooms and spa-like bathrooms offer individual space, while our equipped common areas allow for comfortable and safe interaction.

At Starbridge Recovery, we offer medically monitored detox, residential inpatient care, and aftercare to support your dual diagnosis treatment plan. 

See how Starbridge Recovery can help you manage your mental illness and addiction today.

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