Finding alcohol rehab in Los Angeles, CA, is easy. Finding innovative treatments, personalized care, and experienced professionals who can support you through every step of the addiction treatment process in a luxury alcohol rehab facility in Los Angeles is hard. 

But that is what we guarantee at Starbridge Recovery. 

We are redefining addiction treatment at Starbridge Recovery because we believe that each of our clients is worth the work that we put in. Our clients can access personalized treatment solutions in a luxury facility that helps them detox from alcohol and other substances while changing their thoughts about how substances impact their lives. Contact us today to see how our treatments can change your life.

Is Alcohol Addictive?

Alcohol can be an addictive substance. Individuals should be sure that while drinking, they maintain a healthy relationship with the substance and not succumb to any problematic drinking habits. Problematic drinking can lead to addiction to alcohol, called an alcohol use disorder. This mental health disorder is described as chronic and relapsing and can be difficult to manage and maintain. 

Problematic drinking describes several unhealthy habits that can lead to addiction. Binge drinking is one of the first factors. This can cause a tolerance for alcohol and lead to higher amounts of the drink being consumed to cause the same effect. This is a risk factor for developing an addiction. 

Also, individuals who start drinking underage have a higher risk of developing an addiction. Underage drinking is problematic because it often leads to unhealthy use, higher risk, and unsafe situations. 

Finally, problematic drinking can occur when an individual drinks in an unsafe situation. This can be drinking and driving, drinking while taking contraindicated medications, and drinking to get high. These unsafe situations can lead to a higher risk for developing addiction based on other extenuating factors.

What are the Best Methods to Treat Alcoholism

While there is no one-size-fits-all option for addiction treatment, several methods can work to support individuals in making this life change, behavioral treatment, medication, and mutual-support groups.

Individuals who are ready to make a change in their lives may look into detox and addiction treatment. This often includes several forms of behavioral therapy to help the client alter their behaviors and thought processes around alcohol, including learning coping skills and self-management strategies to put in place to be successful outside the treatment campus. Addiction treatment programs that focus on behavioral health and therapies can also support individuals while they try to determine the root cause of their addiction and help treat other mental health disorders that can prevent progress and cause relapse.

Another method for treating alcoholism is with medication. Used in combination with behavioral therapy, individuals can take medication that helps prevent relapse while individuals work through therapy to learn how to maintain their sobriety without medication assistance. This is most commonly used in conjunction with outpatient therapy as clients are more inundated with triggers than those in a treatment facility. The drugs can reduce cravings, make an individual feel ill after drinking, and block the effects of alcohol on the body. 

Finally, mutual-support groups are a great option for individuals who are trying to stop drinking and alter their thinking. Mutual-support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) focus on providing peer support to work through addiction. These groups are led by individuals who have worked through the program and understand the problems that come with addiction. The peer accountability and support can be what some individuals need to make it through detoxification and stay sober.

How to Find Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles, CA

There are many alcohol rehabs in Los Angeles, CA, but if you are looking for high-quality addiction treatment, look no further than Starbridge Recovery. Our luxury campus focuses on helping clients to achieve their sobriety goals while improving their holistic health.

Addiction treatment at our facility doesn’t just focus on the mental; it works on improving our clients’ physical, nutritional, and emotional health through providing personalized care in an intimate facility with 24-hour support. Our expert staff is trained in treating substance use disorders in addition to a number of comorbid mental health disorders that impact the effectiveness of addiction treatment.

We believe that our clients are worth it, so our addiction treatment programs are designed to support each individual where they are in the recovery process. We support individuals from detoxification through aftercare and provide treatment at every step. 
Check out our personalized treatment solutions today at Starbridge Recovery.

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